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This year we are celebrating!!!

40 Years in Business

1978 - 2018

Weekly Mindfulness Meditation drop-in classes are offered in Toronto. Teachings are secular-based but drawn from Buddhist sources.

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Freedom is not given to us by anyone; we have to cultivate it ourselves. It is a daily practice... No one can prevent you from being aware of each step you take or each breath in and breath out.

- Thich Nhat Hanh

Eileen Swinton is a tiny, elegant, soft-spoken woman not given to theatrics or foisting her opinion. Yet, she has quietly achieved a great deal for the benefit of others and continues to do so.

Back in the '70s when a mention of battered women evoked laughter in the Canadian Parliament, Eileen spearheaded a much-needed fundraising campaign for Nellie's, a women's shelter in Toronto. Working with activist June Callwood, she not only raised funds but also elevated the mode of operations from bazaars and bake sales to an organized campaign supported by high profile donors. Members of Nellie's began to speak to politicians and organizations until a solid foundation was built for the women's shelter, and awareness rose for the plight of battered women.

Eileen started her Tibetan artifacts store out of that same compassionate heart. Somewhere during her twice-annual buying trips to Nepal and India, she grew attached to the Tibetan culture, Buddhism in particular. Her store became an informal information center for Buddhists and Buddhist activities in Toronto. That legacy carries on today, at Snow Lion where the general public gets a wonderful introduction to the philosophy and culture of Tibet through artifacts, books, and lectures (now located at 708 Pape Avenue - directly across from Pape Station).

Although Buddhism is the closest religion to her heart, Eileen describes herself as a seeker. She earned her BA and MA in her 50's and her PhD course work at OISE, Toronto. According to Eileen's surrogate daughter, Elizabeth Greaves, Eileen's guidance has been her strong conscience. Eileen feels very fortunate and wants to share all she has with others. Her generosity and spirit has benefited not just people around her, but ripples out to the city and distant places. Eileen, now in her eighties, has since relinquished the management of Snow Lion to new stewards. Yet her Bodhisattva and generous spirit remains undaunted and you can find Eileen every Friday at Snow Lion organizing book orders, greeting customers, and lending her support in any capacity in which she is needed. We are truly fortunate to have this remarkable woman in our midst.