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Wasdom Teachings

  1. I resolve not to kill, but to cherish all life.
  2. I resolve not take what is not given, but to respect the things of others.
  3. I resolve not engage in improper sexuality, but to lead a life of purity and self- restraint.
  4. I resolve not to lie, but to speak the truth.
  5. I resolve not to cause others to take substances that confuse the mind, nor to do so myself, but to keep my mind clear.
  6. I resolve not to speak of the faults of others, but to be understanding and sympathetic.
  7. I resolve not to praise myself and disparage others, but overcome my own shortcomings.
  8. I resolve not to withhold spiritual or material aid, but give them freely where needed.
  9. I resolve not to indulge in anger, but to exercise control.
  10. I resolve not to revile the Three Treasures-Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha-but to cherish and uphold them.

From: Lotus in the Fire: The healing Power of Zen. Written by: Jim Bedard

There are special ceremonies for taking refuge with the Three Refuges and the Ten Precepts. (For a Buddhist, taking refuge is the first step on the path to enlightenment. Even if enlightenment is not achieved in this life, one has a better chance to become enlightened in a future life.)