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Wasdom Teachings

Ajahn chah (1918-1992) was a beloved thai buddhist master whose teachings were refreshingly uncompromising in their clarity and certainty – the certainty of a practitioner who has achieved a deep understanding of the buddha's teachings. He was an important influence and spiritual mentor for a generation of american buddhist teachers.

Ajahn chah had a very direct approach to meditation, and he advised people not to get caught up in doubts or to make too much out of meditative experiences, no matter how unusual or extraordinary they seemed.

In an early biography, he described a transformative series of meditative experiences that occurred one night. He felt his body expanding and breaking up, accompanied by loud noises, and when it was over, he asked himself, "what was that?"

The answer came to him immediately: "it was what it was." that settled the matter for him, and it became his approach to meditation and gave an unshakable quality to his practice.

Quotes from ajahn chah:

"everything arises, everything falls away"